Wednesday, January 13, 2010

two shakes and a wiggle

well well well, didn't this day fly by? wowsa. here i am, at the funky little shack after another long day, trying to avoid cleaning before my lovelies come over for home-cooked vegetarian spaghtetti. i'm succeeding at my procrastination by multi-tasking. writing a blog, paying a student loan, texting, cooking, and listening to the tom waits station on pandora. i have to say i'm doing a darn good job. meanwhile the house is beginning to consume itself out of neglect and an ever-growing pile of laundry. oh well.

today has been good. very good. much better than yesterday. oi. yesterday was a doozie. however, i had several people let me know i am loved; and just knowing they are there for me is incredibly moving.

today has been about laughter and there has been a lot of it. i hope it continues well into the evening. at this moment, there is a bit o' bootie shakin' happening at the shack and you know what? sometimes you have to eschew your requisite daily tasks for a bit, crank up the pogues, howlin' wolf, or "get behind the mule" and just shake what yer mama gave ya. consider it done from the funky little shack. over and out kiddos!

adieu for now,


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