Thursday, January 14, 2010

seven, whiskey, maracas, and teddy pendergrass.

what's up amigos?! it's thursday night and i am getting ready to make some delicious food for my guitar teacher; but before i do so, i had to waller on the ground with the baby (who is home after a four day vacation from mama!) and post a little somfin for you fine people who check in with me every so often.

today has been pretty damn good. i woke up wanting to put my whiskey shoes on, which is really no good way to wake up on a workday...and the morning. but i resisted (i would be horribly disappointed in myself if i had given in to whiskey in the middle of the day) and despite my general feeling of scrappiness, i have thoroughly enjoyed this day i have been given.

i have a couple of things rattling around in the ole noggin today. i have had a weird week filled with really great and really odd things. my dreams have left me so exhausted each morning that i haven't gotten a decent night's rest since maybe saturday or sunday night.

concern about finding a new apartment that fits in the parameters of my budget and lease term; and a trip to nashville i have to plan-pay for-and take within the next two weeks have added to the noisy pair of maracas that are the hemispheres of my brain. if i can't do the nashville thing in that amount of time, i will have to wait until march when i have moved into the next place. hmm...what to do? what to do?

oh well, i'm about to make some music and some pork tenderloin (para el profesor, not for me...i'm eating leftover vegetarian spaghetti like a good girl). i truly hope i have something more interesting to offer tomorrow. and i hope i used the proper spanish word for "for" as well. sheeesh.

in the meantime, a little something dedicated to the late, great teddy pendergress, may he rest in peace.

adieu for now,
*today's pic: on the floor after wrastlin' with little man!


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

Rule: to indicate a recipient
Model: Este regalo es para ti.
(This gift is for you.)

Usas la palabra correcta, Amiga :)

lulu said...

que beuno! gracias mi amigo! if i knew how to say i am cabbage-patching for my correct vocabulary in spanish i would. :-)