Tuesday, July 21, 2009


although no one is in the store buying things right now, i'm happy because we have a ton of new things coming in that are giving some much needed visual candy to the store. when you're here all day every day, it can look stale if no new merch comes in, y'know!

anyway, we get candles from this awesome southern company called low country luxe. they have candles with scents like spanish moss, savannah, new orleans, seagrass, charleston, gullah, high cotton etc. they are fabulous. lord have mercy, they are fabulous.

on to the point...they have come out with a trio of new candles wrapped in linen and named beau, belle, and sugah. again, decadent and fabulous.

i seriously have an addiction to everything this company makes.


k.lou said...

I almost thought it would be 'beau, belle, and sebastian'.

then again, since I'm not a fan of the band, my brain automatically goes to Brideshead Revisited, which would end up pretty much the same way. though I'd throw out the belle.

lulu said...

the first time i heard about the new candles i said belle and sebastian too!!