Sunday, July 26, 2009


a year ago today, at this time, i lost my beloved grandmother rather tragically. actually, i lost both of my grandmothers last year. both of these women i adored. they both loved me very much and always encouraged me to be the absolute best i can be.

whether that "best" be a lady, a good christian, a dean's list student, or a generous and kind woman; as long as i was happy and being a good person. sounds like some tall orders, right?

i can't say that my reputation is remotely near what they would have wanted for me. i have always been eccentric, loud, and a little wild. but, because of them i also know how to empathize, love strongly, and smile through every pain- plow through it, work hard, and keep going. progress is success.

it has been an unbelievably difficult year to get through. not only the losses but the stress of the economy, and the other-worldy realizations of ageing amongst other things.

so, in honour of them, plus my great-grandmother who is nearly 91, and my mama (who will be celebrating her 50th this fall), i am mulling over a pretty intense self-improving august. i plan on working on about seven (duh) categories in my life that i want to work on in the immediate future:

money, time for myself/girlie stuff, being more organized, living a bit simpler, soul food (not actual food per se, but things good for me and my soul), some craftiness, and a fitness project.

i have a little over five days to prepare for this and some of this will take some prep.

now, this does mean that i will be modifying the format of my blog for the month. there will still be at least 2 posts a day but one will be devoted to the progress of this series of goals.

this is going to be very challenging (and some of it a little revealing and embarrassing!), but i think very rewarding as well!!!

i hope the girls are watching and that they dig it.
love to all this sunday,

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