Thursday, July 30, 2009


She looked up at the ceiling fan and followed the blades until she was overwhelmed with nausea.
"Does questioning your sanity prove that you aren't crazy?" She asked aloud to the goldfish in the tank across the room. She was deprived of her answer and her eyes made their way back to the fan. In four and half hours she would be on her way back to work and somewhat distracted once again.

written by: lindsey anders carpenter


kathe said...
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k.lou said...

you have managed to combine Apocalypse Now and Catch-22. Brava.

i keep good tabs on my sanity, or try to. there are times i probably need a sparkly leash, and one of those cute dog purses in which to keep it.

(and okay, having multiple gmail accounts is starting to reveal its badness)

lulu said...

i think i'm going to start carrying my sanity in a bedazzled fanny pack.
i appreciate you.

k.lou said...

it's a whole new item for the fictional etsy store of crack!

heart you, too