Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my wednesday funny ladies

1. the redhead from the b52's. *the fact that she had a bit part on flight of the conchords had me giddy with glee. albeit she is techinically not a funny woman. but she's in the b52's! the b52's always make me smile!
2. zooey deschenal. *just cool. i like that she's uniquely her and that somehow that's marketable. she's so deadpan that she makes a great straight-woman for more slapstick comedians. plus, who doesn't love "Feck you!" from Almost Famous? i laugh at that every single time i watch it.
3. bonnie hunt. *i used to watch her short-lived tv show back in the day. i bought only you because of how funny she is in it. michael cera obviously watched a lot of her growing up because her dry, mumbly, snappy wit and delivery is flawless and always makes me laugh.
4. melissa mcarthy. * i forget how funny she can be sometimes. her bit where she is screaming at norman mailer because he won't order anything but iced tea is one of my favourites on the gilmore girls. "woah, somebody likes to use the BIG WORDS!!".
5. ellen. *i was a big fan of the original tv show and since i don't have cable, i haven't watched much of the daytime show but the bits i've caught were really funny. in a magazine she said that fig is her favourite smell and she wears fig scented perfume but when she doesn't have any around she sticks a fig newton in her bra. that tickles me to no end.

get some giggles this morning.


Jenny Leigh D. said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!! So much! Only staying up here 3 weeks now instead of 4.:) Hope everything is going well...I actually MISS work. Hope you are doing well!

lulu said...

miss you too! just got off the phone with your mama! hang in there dahlin! hope you had a great birthday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo