Friday, July 24, 2009

nothing new

want to guess what i found yesterday online that has been gnawing at my inner financier for a couple dozen hours?
yep. damn free people clothing and frye boots. so predictable. if i actually purchased everything that i've wanted from them (and nanette lapore) i would have spent several hundred dollars, if not pushing a couple thousand.
so, as i down some much needed coffee. enjoy today's pair of goodies that feed the materialistic badger in my mind.

p.s. i'm not quite sure how i feel about the boots today. but i like the idea of them. such is life.


k.lou said...

I can see you with those boots, but I am a big sign waving YES on the shirt.

I wish I had a clothier that I loved that much. I used to be a devote of Mizrahi in hs, but now I'd just really like to go back in time to have Edith Head telll me how to dress. Or just get on What Not to Wear.

Dear Clinton, how do I deal with the gangly arms?

lulu said...

hahahahaha! that was awesome. i was just watching the movie charade with audrey hepburn and carey grant and of course, edith head did the clothes for ms. hepburn. unbelievably fabulous. every piece looks like it was designed around an elegantly non-cancer-causing cigarrette in the swiss alps. *sigh*