Monday, July 27, 2009

lighthearted lunes

yesterday i hobbited myself away for my "dark" day. which, as it turns out, was not very dark like i thought it would be. well, except for the dark amount of money i don't actually possess that i spent brainlessly. i was mostly just in a haze and fuzzy-minded.

for about two hours yesterday, i sat in a dark bathroom in the tub soaking and scrubbing and watching house bunny on my laptop on netflix instant watch.

now i cannot say i gleaned anything from this film other than the following gems.

1. colin hanks is much more adorable now than he was in orange county. thank goodness because i feel confident in the notion that i will have more colin-y moments in my cinematic future to look forward to.

2. anna faris can be funny, but is more so when she plays with the unexpected and less with the literal potty humour.

3. katherine mcphee (the american idol girl, i think), is very pretty in my opinion and did a very good job in her smaller role as a prego sorority girl. lowkey and amusing.

4. i kind of really like/sorta dislike kat dennings. sometimes she's so awesome with the way she delivers lines! but, sometimes she can grate on my nerves with her angstiness.

contrasting examples: in charlie bartlett and nick & norah she's a little grating but is very much redeemed in the end and equalized by her costars; in house bunny she is grating but never redeemed. that's mostly script, i reckon.

adieu for now,



Jenny Leigh D. said...

Haha! I watched that when I was housesitting for a couple of days on Cinemax...same opinion about prety much everything. The rhythm of that movie was really slow. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

lulu said...

miss you back kiddo! glad you're coming back early!