Sunday, July 26, 2009

now i know how guys felt when the olsen twins turned 18

okay, so it's been a few days and the best i could come up with this morning is a tribute/rant. now that he's legal i feel it's okay to mention that i think rupert grint is such a little cutie pie. it is remarkable what disgusted remarks i get in regard to timidly mentioning this to people as harry potter conversations are everywhere right now. "eeew! you like a ginger!?!?! i have never found a ginger attractive!" but yes, i love redheaded women and i think rupert grint is just cute. now that he's a big boy, he's all muscles and has the requisite tousled hairstyle of a proper bloke.

i'm also rather impressed with the comedians that daniel radcliffe and rupert grint emerged into in the new film. very endearing. but i digress.

tribute being done, it's time for my rant. i've always been a little disconcerted by the way children actors are marketed. in the u.s. we have miley, ugh. we also still have a decent continuous sale of teen beat, tiger beat, etc. one thing you can count on even in a recession, are female teenage hormones.

anyway, as i was searching for an image or two for my rupert grint shout-out, i noticed how many images of young stars are out there and are a tad bit cheeky in a subtly sexualized manner. it was a little like the days of shirtless leif garrett posters. it made me feel a tad grody.
the one that got me the most was a promotional pic of ron weasely with a broken wand. it sounds ridiculous when i type it. but there he is with a sad little ill-performing wand and an expression like "i haven't learned to use this thing yet, sorry girls". he was like 12 in the picture too.
i'm conflicted by the feeling that i am a dirty cougar for even mentioning that i think he's cute, though he's now legal; because i've seen him in movies since he was ten. it's like saying your friend's baby brother is cute. cue the chills of disturbance.

so here is my conflicted homage to rupert. happy sunday y'all.


k.lou said...

Yay for gingers, though that shouldn't be a surprise at all. Wordy McWord to all in your rant.

Relatedly, that may be why when we write stories with younger characters (esp. HP), we fast-foraward the timeline a few/several years, and sometimes recast. Because in our heads we know they're 15 and have acne cream and can't drive. And because having Cillian Murphy playing a Malfoy flunky is just awesome.

lulu said... said the magic words...cillian murphey. and i just knew you would understand and wouldn't judge me for my gingertude.