Monday, July 20, 2009

welcome back, jane.

after one month of being up in the air as to whether or not jane honda and i would be reunited, having to stay on the backs of an insurance company and a collision repair shop; plus toolin' around in a rental car with my newfound paranoia about being hit by someone, it has (please dear lord, i hope) come to a close.
i fought for three hours and drove nearly 50 miles all over tallahassee this morning to close this ugly chapter. jane honda is alive and well (with a lifetime guarantee on all parts and work done on her), and back in the loving arms of her mama. i missed that ole girl.
now that the crisis has passed (please dear lord, i hope), it is on to regular life. i.e. full interior cleaning & shampooing, new brakes, and new tires.
i think i may just be okay with that.
'til later,

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