Friday, July 31, 2009

ya gotta love the girl for tryin'

well, today is a new day. what with my hormones surging (and another misunderstanding of mine which always makes things more complicated), and the fact that i'm growing wary of julys in general, tomorrow begins self-improvement august! not that i'm not living within each day. i am really working on that instead of living in the future or the past (somebody went to her meeting on monday!) i'm just excited to make some changes! i've narrowed down the list of things i'm going to work on this august from 7 to a more attainable 2-4 items.

i have a relatively blurry vision in my mind of where i want to be in my life. it isn't anything glamourous. just a vision and a feeling. i think the selection of characteristics i want to work on this upcoming month will assist me in becoming a better person. breaking some bad habits and perhaps bringing to fruition a stepping stone that will lead me to a clearer vision of what is in my head.
i'm open, i'm game (a little timid about major changes) but i'm trying to accept that if i don't change, then my life won't change.

tomorrow i will give more details, but today, the reader's digest version of what i will be working on in august:

1. money

2. vocabulary

3. the fifth "gua"/life
alright readerfriends,
adieu for now, more cheery upbeat stuff will be coming soon i swear!

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