Monday, July 20, 2009

gilda gigglies

as i have mentioned in previous posts, i love old snl from the 70's. what a window into another world! the stuff they got away with blows my mind sometimes. it makes contemporary snl look like elementary school. there was a lot of smartass going on with absolutely no apologies. everything is so pc these days, it takes away some of the taboo and wreckless fun of the originals. though, i have to admit, i know what they were trying to do, but i'm still stricken with discomfort with the heavy-handedness of the racial stereotypes (which, i assume, is the point). the shows are timeless but at the same time soooooooo indicative of a different time.
anyway, i was watching season one last night and one of my favourite gals, gilda radner, was doing the editorial reply on weekend update with chevy chase. those skits were always some of my faves because she would misunderstood a key word of the subject she was to reply about. i relate too much.
in this particular segment, gilda goes off on cancer research which she misinterpreted as canker research. this makes me giggle just recanting it.
"my cousin mildred used to get those on the inside of her lip. it made it hell to eat grapefruit!" she says as she slams her fist on the desk. "you don't need any money to research that! stop eating grapefruit! it's a simple as that!" another slam on the desk. as in each of these skits, inevitably, chevy leans over and corrects the word she misunderstood. and she concludes with "oooohhhh!.....never mind."
here's to ya, gilda, for making me laugh for all these years!

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