Wednesday, July 29, 2009


today i miss autumn. as much as i love a summer rainstorm, which i am delighted to report is occurring right now, i long for autumn. i long for a city that changes colours for the season. i long to be happy and bundled up in a sweater, walking seven through a pumpkin patch. idealized? maybe. possible? i hope so.
i have to figure out this next step because i'm chomping at the bit. i'm not restless per se, but i'm ready and rarin'.
i want to smell spices in the air and feel a chill on my skin. go to bonfires and see piles of raked leaves. i want to live more simply and eat good food. i want to laugh more than i do. i don't know if that's asking too much. i laugh all the time. and i know a new city won't change everything in my life that i feel needs changing. i'm aware that one cannot run away from things.
i just...yearn for autumn today.


k.lou said...

your rarin' is making me...well, no giddy up in sight, but at least making me look.

but, change scary! like, I'm a kid in need of a Harry Potter flashlight. (Or, one of my umbrellas that has a flashlight IN it.)

I said...

dude I want an umbrella with a flashlight in it.

but I agree with you lu, one of the seriouse downfalls/faults of this town is no FREAKIN' seasons!!!

And this coming from someone that never planned on actually stayin' in this town.

I always wanted to go to salem or san fran or even seattle. but now i have to many ties here cuz of the kids.

lulu said...

i want an umbrella with a flashlight on it. and a leash for seven with a flashlight on it. and a new city and a dark room filled with chocolate and chick flicks. *sigh*