Tuesday, July 28, 2009

unique breed of women

i have friends that have very specific styles. very specific likes/dislikes. i would like to think that everyone is like that but sometimes you look at a group of friends and they all look the same. i like that we're all different.
A1 is tall, lithe, with a penchant for neutral colours and clean lines. never caught in heels and tends to stick to simple and sophisticated earrings; she frequently accessorizes with a big, statement bracelet, bitchin' bag, and a 1000-watt smile.
A2 is built. born with a natural athleticism that boggles my mind. she keeps casual most of the time but when she dresses up (which is rather frequently so we can give good cocktails a home) it's all plunging necklines and chandelier earrings. the dichotomy is pleasing.
I is a mom of 2 youngins under the age of 7. she dresses for optimum comfort and moveability. she's very liv tyler in the sense that she keeps it simple with long, straight hair; and even with a 1 year old, always manages to wear some badass earrings or jeans that make her 30 feet long legs look even longer. she does most of this, by the way, on a fashion budget that i would end up with one pair of pantyhose on. it's a gift of hers.
J1 is always in wedge heels, chunky, borderline flashy but always fashionable jewelry. and taking a cue from the fun girls of the 80's, she always has the best jeans on and a perfectly disheveled pixie shag hairdo.
J2 has a figure to kill for. she plays it up with fun and quirky dresses that accentuate everything that a lady could ask for. plus, she does great hair, so of course her hair always looks superb. she can pull off everything from a denim zip-up jumpsuit to a ruffly blue/white polka-dot dress.
k is my decandantly tall and witty pal. she has the benefit of having been a swimmer and now, years later, still has swimmer's shoulders that little ole hunchbacks like me would love to fill out a shirt with. she's more rock n' roll (she would say emo) and no one looks better in chucks and a black tank top than she. when she dresses up, she rocks the kitten heels, which i always notice and get a little inner thrill from.
M is my hip kindred. though decidedly more in-tune with trends than i, she wears her buddy holly glasses just like i do. she's always being creative and always has on some piece that makes everyone go "oooooh! i want one!". every outfit is art.
then there's me.
i take pride in the fact that i dress like a 4 year old would dress herself. colours, patterns, mama's heels, and every piece of jewelry i own. some of the outfits i have put together, but reconsidered could go in a museum of "why not to take hallucinagens".
i love anything ethnic-inspired, ikat, peacock colours, band t-shirts, sky-high heels, expensive sandals (that i track every time i wear to make sure i'm getting my money's worth), black, nearly always topped with a chapeau. leaopard print is a neutral.
the point of this being that each one of my hot fe-mal-ee friends are uniquely so. though we may differ in political opinions, music affinities, choice of cocktails, and passions, we love each other very much and are each our own unique breed of woman.
and yes, i put my list in alphabetical order, don't judge.


k.lou said...

I will never forget when I started to go shopping, and while denying shirts or dresses for myself, I knew *exactly* who'd they'd be perfect for/who would pick them out. And I love your Mama's Closet thing, it's fun and trippy, but sooo thought out and perfectly excecuted

Also, emo with twinsets. :)

Ivy said...

Can I totally say you made me freaking cry!!!!!!!

You made me seem so much cooler than I feel and it is truly awesome to see me through your eyes.

Gives me a bump in life.

I guess that is way we are sista's from different mista's.

lulu said...

you know i love both y'all girls like crazy. i cherish you both.