Monday, July 20, 2009

daughter of post script.

ever have one of those days where every other word out of your mouth that seems even remotely capable of describing your aggravation is f**k? i'm trying not to let this day turn into that. well, at least not stay that way.
i don't want to ask "what else can go wrong" because today is the day that if it could happen, it will. no me gusta!
perhaps i should just go to a meeting tonight. i haven't gone to one this july. i've been tired every monday night, and i don't like the wednesday meetings. too cardboard.
perhaps i should write in my new journal made from a repro of a joe cocker record. i found it rife with meaning.
perhaps "a little help from my friends" is indeed in order. friends friends, family friends, meeting friends, puppy friends. now i need a therapist friend to make the list complete. hardeeharhar.
can you tell i missed writing yesterday? three posts in two hours is a bit overkill, eh? oh well. it's my blog, i can post if i want to. post if i want to. post if i want to.
adieu for now,
p.s. keep that positive energy flowin' to me, people, i need it something fierce!


Jenny Leigh D. said...

ummm, hellooooo? work friends?? zzzzzaaaaapppp! boom! alacazam! (positive energy sent)

lulu said...

thank you muffin!!!! much appreciated!