Thursday, July 23, 2009

dream a little dream for me

i had weird dreams last night. some highlights:
1. president obama when he was campaigning doing stints at music festivals around the u.s. he was very young and dresing to be "casual" for all of us dirty festi-goers. there was an exciting energy knowing in my dream that he would one day be the president.
2. chris farley still alive but on his last day. he knows and we're not supposed to. he gives up his comedy gig at bonnaroo and tells senor mas to take his place.
3. little gay preteen at a dry conservative political conference (which is supposed to be the gig that chris farley gave up) sitting a seat away from me stretching.
"straaaaaaaaaaaatch" he would say from his chair. then, during the prayer-yes, prayer, senor mas walks out from backstage shirtless and oiled down and heads for the seat next to me. little preteen guy issues a squeal of delight, then i woke up.
wonder what it all means...

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