Wednesday, July 22, 2009

on with it

my pal, you know who you is, gave me a locket a while back with my mantra engraved in it, "someday is right now". i battle every day with getting caught in the tumult of the every day. my default setting is to look to the hollow magnificence of the future and assume i'll have time and money to do all the things i want or need to do then.
alas, i get overwhelmed and days, weeks, months go by and though i am making progress; my heart and my gut tell me that the pace needs to quicken.
senor mas said i have more choice than i tell myself i do. and dammit, he is right.
thank you to my friends for the blunt, loving truth.
now, on to the lists!

things i want in a new city of residence:
1. mildish summers.
2. a place with history (i.e. interesting architecture and it's own culture).
3. college or university nearby (i.e. youth nearby, music, art, museums etc).
4. a city that's in-tune with healthier lifestyles. sure, i can be healthy anywhere but it's markedly more difficult for me in a city that's main hobbies are political lobbying and pub crawls.

things i want/don't want in a new occupation:
1. customer service. i love people and i enjoy talking with them and helping them with things. but after 11 years, i've been talked down to and ignored waaaaaay too many times. perhaps i'd like to do something in which i talk to people but i don't necessarily have to please them.
2. i want to do something i am proud of. i want to feel like i'm contributing to something other than excess. even if i stayed in retail and i'd want to sell things that people love and cherish. not just shit they buy because they have money and nothing else to do.

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k.lou said...

I say we go to cake school. It's perfect! Little dealing with customers if we sit in the back turning out stuff, and then we could actually contribute something to the happiness of someone else.

That's my option. That, or go to Public Policy school or something.

But darling, how I feel you, omg.