Friday, November 27, 2009

cue the jaws theme in 3...2...1

good morning friends! 'tis friday. black friday. i'm in a rather good mood today, surprisingly, considering it's my least favourite part of my chosen career and i have an inconvenient sinus headache and cough.
i had a wonderful, low-key thanksgiving with mama and b. we ate, we laughed, we watched the parade, there were naps. it was what a holiday with family should be. then i came home, took a bath, took a nap as well, watched some movies, and rearranged my living room. yeah, i did. i even set up my first big girl christmas tree (artifical) and it's adorable. i haven't decorated it yet because i have to buy low-heat lights (per the tree's package) so my tree won't go up in flames.
i feel i should name this tree. it's got a good personality, it's flexible, optimisic. like shelby eatonton from steel magnolias. hmmmm...
anyway, life is good. i'm always a thankful girl and i'm praying i can make it through the next two days in good spirits (flask anyone? just kidding. sort of.) so that i may relax sunday and monday. we're on the downward slope to the holidays, 3.5 weeks left, folks! let the games begin!
enjoy this beautiful, chilly day!


susanne conner said...

we loved our day together, it was good medicine!!! We had a group of friends show up till 9 pm, I burned old reciepts for 2 hours outside and the frige is full of delicious food, I'm a happy camper! Wear good shoes today!xxxooo

lulu said...

mom...sometimes its creepy how much alike we can be. i burned old reciepts in my fireplace last night. i had a great thanksgiving with y'all. love you mucho! xoxoxoxo