Tuesday, November 17, 2009

roll up yer britches and dip yer feet in.

it's a pavlov's dog response the moment i prepare to make a new post here. as soon as the words begin to appear on the screen as i click click click away on the keyboard; i have to have a cup of coffee. i can't stop thinking about it. hilarious.
'tis tuesday friends. i had a pretty good day off. got all kinds of things done except the errands i needed to run all over town. i stayed up and watched for the meteor shower last night but by one o'clock in the morning, i couldn't see any, so i went to bed. alas, i have never seen a meteor shower. it doesn't help that i had to take a nap to be able to stay up 'til one o'cock in the morning.
ah, rapidly disappearing youth.
well, i woke up this morning with a surging optimism that i hope gets me through the day smoothly. i am in a really unusual place considering recent events. i am thinking a lot and i feel good despite the inherent melancholy associated with the place that i am in right now.
it's a nice change from previous experiences. i hope your days are beautiful and filled with cool forward-pushing stream of optimism too.
love to all.
...off to make the coffee now.

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