Wednesday, November 18, 2009

turkey britches

yaaaaaawn. i'm a glutton for punishment. had too much fun out chatting with friends last night and fell asleep fully clothed with my hand on the keyboard of the computer way too late for a girl who has to be at work in 30 minutes. alas, that was a run-on sentence and cue the big girl britches in 3...2...1
good morning, friends. 'tis wednesday. i have a freshly scrubbed puppy running around the house like a wee, soggy cyclone. it's another beautiful day in north florida. there is a pleasant crispness to the air, and though it dissipates every afternoon, is always welcomed back with open arms by dusk.
i am having a hard time grasping that thanksgiving is right around the corner. whenever someone wants to make plans for next week i have to remind myself that thursday, friday, and saturday are out for this little retailer. remember when you were a kid and it took years for christmas to roll around again? by the time i finish writing this it will be thanksgiving eve.
alright, i need ma coffee.
love to all! keep a-smilin' friends.

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