Monday, November 30, 2009

thin ice & stockings

okay, so it's official. the credit card will have to be "frozen" again for the month of december. it can only be used for emergencies. fortunately for me, i have most of my christmas stuff done; and after today's trips to world market and michael' better be all done. sheeeesh. those places are bloody dangerous. i found stockings for me and seven. they were cheap and adorable from one of those aforementioned dangerous places. it was the final decorating touch i needed for the house. yay!
now i'm back home and getting ready to wrap some presents and clean out ole jane honda (in preparation for the upcoming weekend's road trip). poor jane. by looking at her, you'd think i didn't love her. that needs to be remedied.
on another note, i have created a pandora station for ma fave christmas song, "christmas wrapping" by the waitresses. it has since created the most hilarious string of christmas music for me to listen to while i do all my holiday things. right now, for example, i'm listening to winger. that's right. winger. i told you it was hilarious.
i am looking forward to finishing up my day off with as much productivity as i began it with. i'm almost there. time to fire up the crock pot and make some dinner.
i hope y'all are having a delightful monday, friends!


susanne conner said...

Hey Honey, I enjoyed your days entries, concerning your entry on things you may not know about me, number 3 to be exact, those are touchstones, things that resonate with you for some reason, mine are windchimes, stones,shells, blackberries, puppies etc. love you to pieces mices!xxxooo

lulu said...

when you get your blog going you're going to have to do an entry every month about things we don't know about you. love you to bittens, mittens! xoxoxo