Saturday, November 14, 2009

my brain as represented by a corner of my bedroom

so i have been trying to take it easy on myself all week in regard to home life because i've been sad and super occupied by concerned friends and loved ones. but i think tonight before i go to a birthday celebration for a pal, i'm going to clean. this may not sound interesting to many of you but i get a deeply sick satisfaction from certain household tasks. i am also deeply disconcerted and unable to think properly if certain tasks (which incidentally i dislike performing) are left to grow into unmanageable beasts. putting away clothes is one of these things. my brain isn't right when this task isn't performed but oh! how i despise this task.
90% of my room is clutter-free. calming, sparse, comfortable. except for THE CHAIR. THE CHAIR is the catch-all for any and everything i don't feel like putting away at a given moment.
there are four layers to THE CHAIR right now.
bottom layer...core of the planet, if you will. the beautiful chair itself. lovely olive green and cream damask print wingback piece of fabulousness that i refuse to give up (no matter how tiny of a place i live in). it's magnetic energy pulls toward it all the following layers.
next: the crust of the planet. seven's toys. every now and then THE CHAIR is empty and when it is, i throw seven's myriad of misfit toys into it so that i may vacuum. there are rope toys, limbs from previously loved stuffed creatures, a squeaky alligator that he hates but was expensive so there it remains, and a tennis ball or three.
next: the basic land mass/earth. this is a decadent layer of laundry that is wearable but not fresh out of the dryer. it needs to be put up but the thought of have to turn everything right-side out and fold and/or put on hangers has prevented said clothing from a) being worn in the meantime and b) staying wrinkle-free.
last: the topographical region, otherwise known as everest. this is a layer of oft-worn items (pajamas, elegantly understated concert tees etc.) and bags of clean laundry. the clean laundry is safely folded and tucked away in said bags so that i have a steady stash of clothing to choose from when in a rush to leave the house (which has pretty much been every day this week).

does anyone else have a weird catch-all spot? i feel a little bashful for THE CHAIR but at least it's contained, sort of, for now.
well, back to work.


susanne conner said...

I have a corner of the sleigh bed that recieves everything, clothes, nightgowns, the towel that just dried my hair, of course B has the largest area to throw his things....the floor! by the way he blackened rock trout tonite and made old fashioned tea cakes. He's a hunk in the kitchen!!!xxx000

lulu said...

that's so awesome! and i'm glad i'm not the only one with the catch-all! it's genetic!