Wednesday, November 25, 2009

objectifying once again

because i unleashed the crush beast by posting my david krumholtz post a few days ago. and because when you start thinking about things you are thankful for...and you've covered the basics: family, friends, shelter, puppums, health, job etc. you can't help but pause. take a minute. and be grateful for truly attractive men.

now, this little dose of adorable comes to you courtesy of an old-school (like 3rd rock from the sun) patootie named joseph gordon-levitt.

okay, so i remember that ridiculous movie where he played an amish kid (not witness, but another one and it was silly and i rather enjoyed it). so you think he's a kid star big whoop. 10 things i hate about you (remember he dated larisa oleynik? what show did she use to be on nickelodeon? anyone?) yadda yadda yadda then he grew up.

now when i say he grew up good, i mean that the description was actually coined for him. anyway, ole tiger beat mcgee did well in all kinds of serious movies and thrillers/dramas etc. over the years and then pops out this year with 500 days of summer.
wait what? he not only looks better (how?), he can be a romantic lead with my favourite gal, zooey deschenal....and he can dance too? heaven help us all. there's something very gregory peck about him, and it's about time one of those rolled around again. the man can wear a suito to, though i neglected to post one of those pics...
let's all just take a moment and enjoy. i will put my paws down i promise. wink wink nudgie nudgie. heh.
adieu for now, amigas!

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