Thursday, November 19, 2009

white noise

good morning compatriates. 'tis thursday and how the time has flown this week. i don't think i have let my mind rest on any particular thought other than "FOOD" or "SLEEP" in days. last night little bud and i stayed in and watched movies, i took a really long lovely bath, and order a pizza for one. it was rather awesome, though i need to be watching my money more carefully.
i may be taking another month of the mastercard like i did in august. it was so liberating and since then, i have forgotten all of my brilliant financial lessons i had taught myself.
perhaps i will have another solo night in tonight, for i have a big weekend ahead of me; and THE CHAIR is starting to develop new layers since i cleaned it off last sunday. my horoscope said to avoid being social today (good luck being in retail), so i guess of all the nights to be a hermit, tonight may just need to be one. no one invite me anywhere because i will go and throw everything i just said out the window!
hope your thursdays are gorgeous and peaceful!

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susanne conner said...

I have weeks like that much to b's chagrin. Am grocery shopping tonite for t-giving, you know how I hate the crowds. Have another wonderful pm to you and mitter.xxxooo