Friday, November 13, 2009

twisty optimism

well, friends. it's friday. only 15 hours of work left this week and i am so very much looking forward to laughing with friends and taking it easy with the little buddy. i am still a bit sad these days but the love and support i have been randomly recieving from great friends and people coming out of the blue has helped me so very much. thanks, to any and all of you who've done so who read this blog!
i am trying not to rain on everyone's parade. mostly because i don't want to talk about it, but also because people in general don't have a lot of patience for grief, i've noticed. i, quite frankly, can admit i am one of them sometimes. it isn't a horrible thing, it's just human nature to keep wanting to move forward. humans are like that and whether we want it to or not, life is like that. the train keeps rolling out of the station and you're either on it or not.
i hope today is filled with smiles and laughter for y'all today. i'm certainly striving for the same!

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