Saturday, November 14, 2009


i have been in such a musical place this week. it has been moving, shaking, stirring, twisting, freeing, and snuggling up next to me; wrapping me up in the comforts of home all the way through to my veins.
a lot of soul has been shadowing me in my musical world this week. tom waits, ray lamontagne (good gracious ray!), edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes, roy orbison, otis redding, and van morrison have been speaking to me so specifically. and i could never be more grateful than in the moment that just passed through me. i feel like my heart and soul are literally being swirled in one of those bathtub drain water cycones. round and round and round and round. it's a beautiful thing.
here's ray:

here's edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes:

adieu for now friends,

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