Friday, November 27, 2009

poking a grey cloud with a stick

well, so much for keeping my cool. within an hour of opening the store i was ready to rip my hair out. oh well. the day ain't over yet, and i may just miraculously develop some coping mechanisms within the next 4 1/2 hours. i surely hope so.
tonight, when i get home, i want to crawl into bed. alas, i cannot. i have two different events now scheduled for this evening. i'm already beat and i just burned my lunch. come on!
there is a silver lining though (i know, i know). upon opening my mail a few minutes ago, i found probably the most kind and sincere letter from a friend i have ever recieved.
in it extols the merit of our unique friendship, kind words, and a little ditty about the pig of happiness.
and breathe. perhaps i can make it through today without hitting someone after all. thanks friend.
loves to all mis amigas this fine day.

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susanne conner said...

Today is a new day and it will get better, if not, make lemonade when you can! xxxooo