Monday, November 30, 2009

M-_-N-D-A-Y, i'd like to buy a vowel.

guten tag friends! 'tis monday. i don't have to work today, thank goodness. i wish i didn't have so many errands to run today so that i could just stay home and keep enjoying my solitude. yesterday i cleaned for hours and listened to pandora (and started my new itunes collection, of which i haven't had in 2 or 3 years). it's very exciting.
i saw the fantastic mr. fox last night with a gal pal. oh! it was lovely. wes anderson rarely missteps. the whole time i was watching it i kept thinking about how the little foxes look like seven. so now i have the fortunate opportunity to imagine him having little adventures like the ones they had.
in reality he is trying to get out onto the balcony to bark at the maintenance men and dogs in the yards behind the apartment complex.
i wish i had more items of interest to share with you guys today but, my head is still fuzzy from a weird night's sleep.
more later!

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