Saturday, November 21, 2009

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okay, so the deer tick & neko shows were awesome. deer tick is a lot better live than i would have thought, and neko blew my mind. tears were a-streamin' by the end of the show. went out after the show and had some crazy good times. except for the really creepy girl at fermentation lounge. *shiver*
i also had a fortuitious encounter courtesy of the higher power in regard to someone i had been very angry with for quite some time. i got a much-needed apology, a hug, and some laughs. thanks universe for havin' my back! i feel like a million bucks minus bus fare and a chicken biscuit (i did, afterall stay out waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime with some awesome friends and giggled a lot). whew! what a week!
a few items of note from the shows:
1. the drummer for deer tick looked like a country bear. awesome.
2. cute kid with green hair, his name was thomas. i like meeting new people. especially if said person is kind of a character, which this youngin was.
3. "i didn't bring ma trampolinin' bra" was one of my favourite quotes from neko's backup vocalist, kelly hogan.
4. deer tick's cover of "maybelline" was R.A.D.
5. neko sang every song i wanted to hear, and did so perfectly.
6. her band is really, truly awesome. how on earth does one find a pedal steel player who can also play banjo? (note- he does not play them both at the same time).
7. my awesome friends who shared this amazing night with me. i love love love love love that we made this memory together!

well, i reckon i should start getting ready for work. love to all this gorgeous saturday!

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susanne conner said...

I'm glad it was everything you were hoping for. By the way, I am going back to full time work, for now, very soon. Still keeping my options open.xxxooo