Tuesday, November 24, 2009

some kind of silliness

there is a line from an edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes song that says "home. yes, i am home. home is wherever i'm with you"; and while most of the time i would say, all i need is my fam and friends and i am home... nothing quite prepares you for the immediate exhale released when you cross the threshold into your own little home (this came for me this morning after housesitting).
nothing throws me off more than housesitting. the way canadians and americans appear to be the same, but aren't really, that's what it's like for me to housesit. it's canadian to my american. and when i cross the border back to the states, i appreciate the difference and beauty of the vacation. there was nothing wrong with canada. it was a nice little excursion in fact; but it just feels so good to see a piggly wiggly and eat a moonpie again. i'm not sure if that made any sense.
i have nothing against canadians or canada in any way. just sayin'.
adieu for now,

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