Saturday, November 28, 2009

sabado sabado sabado

good morning friends. 'tis saturday. seven is being the definition of an only child this morning and he keeps sticking his head into the christmas tree. it's rather amusing.

when i was decorating the tree last night, i pulled out an ornament that was given to me several years ago that looks like my old dog, chuchi, and has her name written on it. i miss that ole girl so much sometimes; she and seven were big pals (so were we). when i showed the ornament to seven, he tilted his head to the side and kissed the ornament right on the nose. i almost burst into tears. silly.

well, i'm gearing up to go to the shop again this morning. we had to fight for every penny we earned yesterday and i am hoping that today is a better day, or at least easier.

i'm sure i should go out and meet up with the people i haven't seen in a long time while they are still here for thanksgiving weekend, but honestly...i just want to stay home and i very likely will do just that. i'm kind of hearing that sweet siren song of hermit-life. heh.

well, i hope y'all all enjoy the kickoff to your weekend!

adieu for now,


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susanne conner said...

Your tree looks pretty Lu, we are going to see Memaw today . Hope your spirits are lifted, mine are better.hugs and xxxooo