Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the lion sleeps tonight

there is a unique calm that sets in before the official holiday insanity ensues. like when the animals get quiet when a predator approaches. i am experiencing that today. what is even more hilarious about it, is that it puts shoppers into a noticably good mood whereas customer service representatives slide down the other side of that slope.
everyone is in the shop talking about how great it is that they are getting four and five-day weekends this week. all i can say is "good for you!", and "a long weekend! how fun!" etc. i am not sure i would know what to do with myself if i had long holiday weekends. i've done retail and customer service so long, that thanksgiving is always just a one-day-off kind of thing.
i am setting my sights toward a new job/new career, and new city still; yet i still haven't the foggiest how to get started manifesting it all. but i am taking comfort in the idea that i will have holidays off one day. i won't always have to work the day after thanksgiving, or christmas eve or 3 saturdays a month. that's a christmas present to myself as it is.
here's to all my retail/customer service warriors!

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