Friday, November 20, 2009

neko friday

good morning friends. 'tis friday and this very evening i get to see one of my favourite singers/songwriters, neko case. i am beyond excited and grateful i have my gal pals to share it with. i keep randomly squeeling when i realize i am an hour closer to the show. aaaaah! 12 more hours!

que ridiculo. i know this. well, in honour of said concert, a beloved friend is in town and she and i went out to a benefit concert last night. we danced around like we were 20 years old again and it was just wonderful. much needed with the way i have been feeling in my moments alone. having lived in this town for 25 years, i am bound to run into a few people i don't care much to see (and who don't particulary care to see me) but all in all the evening was a SUCCESS!! great friends and great fun.

soooo, for great fun's sake, a video of neko performing a song i will hear by the close of this day. aaaaah!

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