Sunday, November 29, 2009

things you may not know

1. if i could hang out with one celebrity ever in my life, it would van morrison.
2. i keep a flashlight in almost every single room of my house.
3. i collect a lot of images of things that speak to me. not like i hear voices; but that somehow represent things that affect me. i have a corkboard above my desk of colours, the drape of clothing, numbers, letters, baby pictures, mismatched odds & ends, and fortune cookie prophecies... they bring me great joy to see every day.
4. i love artwork and images of birds, but i'm afraid to be in very close proximity to birds themselves.
5. i possess a trait considered a "neurologically based phenomenon", called synesthia. this means i attach qualities to time, concepts, objects etc. but i also assign gender to things from letters and numbers, colours, dates, times, and objects to name a few. my mother does too. ours is genetic, not adventitious. learn about it:
6. i'm exceptionally partial to odd numbers.
7. i keep files on a bizarre myriad of things. ranging from potentially useable trivial information, names i like, stuff from ex-boyfriends and old friends, to random things i've gotten in the mail.

love me!

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