Tuesday, November 17, 2009

etsy picks for tuesday

i have been looking for stockings for me and seven for christmas, and though i have something specific in mind, i found these and think they are so wonderfully dr. suess in shape. the one on the right side is my favourite (but i'd change the buttons to something funkier if i got it). are you surprised?
toe classy stockings $28 each.


isn't this gorgeous? i would rearrange my entire desk area to make room for this. i can't say i like the idea of destroying books but if they perhaps were in poor condition, then this is the most rad thing i could think of to make something out of it.
vintage ivory french text paper wreath sculpture. $50


susanne conner said...

lu i think I could make you a stocking and seven if you like. Thanks for helping and eating with us tonite, sorry the vibes were wonky, we haven't had weirdness in a long time but when B gets in the kitchen he gets all bossy in there. Oh well, thats the way the cookie crumbles! xxxooo

lulu said...

ha! no worries. it was fine. i got some great feedback on the cookies. most people said add more nuts and make nutella sammiches out of the cookies. that may be worth looking into! overall everyone said they like that they were bittersweet instead of sweet sweet. xoxo :-)