Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the foist

how can i sleep for nine hours and still be tired?! good morning friends, 'tis tuesday the first of december. the twelfth "new year" of 2009. my resolution? other than the credit card issue, it's to get my lazy bootay into gear with yoga again.
oh, did you remember to say rabbit rabbit this morning? it wishes you good luck throughout the month. i woke up saying it over and over. my superstitious nature has officially settled into my subconscious now. teehee.
it is wonderfully chilly outside, it actually feels like december. i am now putting away my autumn hat and pulling out my winter one, yay!
it makes me think about being little during the holidays here in tally, and in nashville. it makes me miss new york again. i have really been missing it lately. i find that amusing, considering how depressed i was when i was there. but leave it to new york to put it's hand on the small of my back and lead me into a room full of happy memories (instead of the sad ones).
i have a busy week this week, kiddos. three days and one evening of work, family dinner tonight, then a road trip with a coupla gal pals this weekend, and a birthday party as soon as i get back from that.
i am hoping for positive energies throughout my day. i woke up feeling a lot less animosity toward retail this morning. possibly because i had such a productive weekend. who knows?
i am hoping for positive energies for all y'all in your many adventures today and this week. you are exceptionally cared for!
adieu for now,

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