Wednesday, March 10, 2010

call the people with the giant butterfly nets.

good evening friends. i have but a moment before running off to dinner with my gal pal. things are goodish. i'm not happy with myself right now but that's okay. i am sentimental and really weepy and pitiful but at this point, anything goes really; so you may as well throw in some really great punches while you can. we both know i can take 'em.

the thing is, is that i know that everything in my life is actually cool. it's sad that people are leaving but i know i will be fine. i have awesome people here just waiting for me to stop being ridiculous so they can hang out with me. but here i am. crying all day every day and trying really hard not to ruin perfectly good moments. ugh. it's embarrassing. i just want to stop being sad and pathetic for a minute. i miss the old lu. so does everyone else. what the hell? seriously. i'm a case study.

*today's pic: meeting an adorable little ray of sunshine named lillian. her laugh has healing properties.


Susanne said...

It makes me sad to see you sad honey, but know that before a plane breaks thru the sound barrier, it begins to shake violently and it feels like its not going to make it and just when it seems it can't take it any more it breaks the sound barrier with a huge sonic boom and it is truly amazing ! You my dear , are about to break thru . Love in Christ, yo mama

lulu said...

mama! that is such a cool way to describe my emotional breakdowns and makes me feel a lot better! i love you supersonic boom mucho!