Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i have an unhealthy affinity for jack hannah.

good morning kids. i don't know how it is that i can let an entire morning escape me. i got up an hour early this morning and somehow am still running late getting ready for work! could it be the allure of jack hannah on good morning america getting peed on my ginormous rabbits and chasing after little teeny tiny baby bears? very possible. i don't watch t.v. often and i count myself very lucky that he just happened to be on this morning. since i was a kid, i've always loved watching to see in what way he will get bamboozled by the animals on live television. heh.
i am having a baby animal overload today. my roomie just showed me a video of a micro-pig named kingsford that had me cooing and making grabby hands at the screen because i want one sooooo badly.
but what i really need...i really need a shower and to get my butt in gear because i'm not even halfway done with my week (and already pretty much READY to have a weekend) and have another nice long 8 hours of work ahead of me today (24 left for the week).
here i go.

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Susanne said...

I say we start a I love Kingsford club, he's adoraable. Have a great day honey !xxoo