Monday, March 29, 2010


good morning, friends. 'tis monday. i'm a tad cranky but that's okay. well, that depends on who you ask, i suppose. i had a nice weekend. i didn't do too badly with my budget (though i could have done much better), and i am hoping for a nice quiet week this week. it's surprising how quickly my evenings become filled during the times i want to be alone; but when i'm alone and want some company, i can't seem to find anyone to hang out with. weird.

well, i had a restless night's sleep. bizarre dreams which unfortunately seem to be the norm right now. last night's dream, there were plans for bombing beneath the streets of a city and all sorts of shady things happening that i can't quite recall at the moment. i remember feeling really unsafe and unable to trust anyone around me. anyway, i woke up and could tell i was going to have to work really hard not to be a big ole butthead all day long.

so here i to put forth great energy into being considered a somewhat civilized human being for the next 9 hours. wish me luck!

adieu for now,

top picture: the sweetheart herself this morning.

bottom picture: a painting that amuses me at one of my favourite sunday spots in town.

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