Sunday, March 28, 2010

the magpie

it has been a very lowkey weekend. i am grateful for that. i have hours left but i'm already getting anxious about going back tomorrow morning to begin another week. i don't know why i am so antsy and overwhelmed. i think there's just a tremendous amount of static in my mind. i can't quite sort through it all. little by little, individual ideas manifest out of the fog, so to speak, and i can nail down this or that as being a tried and true belief or revelation yadda yadda yadda. but it seems one object gleams in the sun and i'm completely distracted and lose track of all my progress in thought. totally weird, man.
today i am going to wring every drop of peace out of the remaining hours of my weekend. i hope that nothing sparkly catches my eye, and that when i wake up tomorrow morning i am energized and feeling positive. i haven't felt too superbly positive in general lately, but happiness is a choice, right? right!
adieu for now,

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Susanne said...

Hey honey , I hope your week is a good one ! If you want to go to the regular church service on Sunday I would love us to go together. Let me know.xxoo