Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fun girls

there are many reasons i adore my roomie. she is one super cool, dynamic lady and i'm better for having met her. every morning we meet in the kitchen and laugh until it hurts about whatever it is we think is funny at the moment. this morning it was about my dream about john stamos last night. heh.

today on my lunch break i came home and noticed a stack of um...well, hilarious stuff. apparantly a friend decided to get her a gag gift; and my roomie had it displayed on the kitchen table knowing i would delight in it. she knows me all too well.

so a giggle for you today friends, because i have been wearing these around the house for about half an hour, and probably will continue to every day because...why not? plus it makes her laugh every time i walk by and laughter is a sweet, sweet sound.

adieu for now,



Susanne said...

wild girls , talkin bout those wild girls ....... xxoo

lulu said...

heh. comin' from the nekkid painter. ;-)

Jenny Leigh D. said...

omg I want some of those!! too freakin' funny.