Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tuesday snoozeday

alright kiddies, 'tis tuesday and i have hijacked my roomie's laptop because i cannot get any internet signal yet. that mystery will get solved (and pics posted) as soon as possible. meanwhile, i am impatiently awaiting my coffee to brew while somehow managing to burn my veggie sausage this morning (and it's the last one! it always happens with the last one!).
the chateau is looking great. i woke up with a big grin on my face this morning. wish i could lounge in bed all day but i've got about 3000 errands to run (including getting my hair done for the first time since november).
last night i saw brandi carlile perform in town and she was incredible. if any of you have spent more than an hour in a vehicle with me then i've probably played you brandi carlile. excellent show! so glad i got to go and share it with my gal pal.
don't like to cut it short guys, but i still have a kajillion things i have to get done before heading back to work tomorrow. much love and much music!

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