Thursday, March 25, 2010

wild & crazy procrastinator lady

hello kiddos, 'tis thursday. the weekend seems so far away i need a telescope. i am greatly looking forward to heading back to the chateau this evening and organizing. i've made a great deal of progress this week and can't wait until i have a little area designated for yoga practice (i need to make the option of yoga more attainable otherwise i'll never do it). the more i get done tonight and tomorrow, the better i will feel this weekend. having a weekend free from the frustration of unpacked boxes and piles of laundry sounds pretty amazing. it's only been three and a half weeks since i moved's like the christmas tree incident all over again. heh.
off i go. back to work. here's hoping the last couple hours at work fly by, i'm antsy!
adieu for now,
*pictures to come.

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