Friday, March 19, 2010

someone dig up freud & tell him he's met his match.

some people have odd dreams. i have the weirdest, most vivid epic adventure/horror/unidentifiable dreams. in each one: an old house or building of some sort (haunted or falling apart if it's a bad dream), a bridge (rickety and unstable if it's a bad dream), and water (filled with sharks or alligators if it's a bad dream). the cast of players in my dreams rotates on a regular basis. but there is always something that needs to be done or someone i need to find. i tend to wake up more tired after my dreams than when i went to bed. with all of the nuttiness happening with my friends leaving etc. i haven't been dreaming as much. until last night.
good gracious! impending storms, diabolical children, a fabulous chartreuse sofa, a rat hole of an apartment that is so unsafe for me to live in that i just leave my stuff in it and move into some sort of commune-type place.
last night there were ancient shipwrecks near an unfamiliar rocky beach. there were maps coming to life indicating the history of the ships (dutch i think), mini-ice ages and wars and strange coastlines. there were families around everywhere. families on the beach, families i was trying to save from the storm. my mom and i were modeling pajamas from my store as thick black storm clouds formed above our heads, and we rushed to save people from the ominous carnage-inducing fingers of a massive tornado.
*yawn* the overriding feeling i get this morning is that life is chaotic. shit happens that you can't control; but that i, for the most part, do a pretty decent job of taking care of myself and have a big heart and desire to help others...and i like dutch boats and chartreuse.
more later, kiddos...
(pic to come)

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