Saturday, March 13, 2010

busy girls are happy girls...and tired girls.

hey kiddos, 'tis saturday. me and the gal pal have been at it, packing up her earthly possessions in preparation for the big move. it's been a day full of giggles and swiping fabulous things that she wants to get rid of, and eating fried chicken. that's right, fried chicken and drinking really cheap champagne to be exact. it's been wonderful and smooth-sailing thank goodness. no tears even. just peace and busywork.
yesterday, i said adieu to one wonderful person who should be a few miles into the appalachian trail by now (good luck and have fun, darling friend!) and today is all about my girl. right now we are coming down from the bustle of relocation and are recalibrating for an evening of fun and fond well-wishings from those who love her.
i am doing rather well. a little blue but nothing compared to last week in which i was pretty much certifiable out of sadness. yes, i may have a few more cocktails than usual tonight, but i honestly am good. i love my gal. i love this adventure she is taking part in, and i love the possibilities of what may lie ahead for me.
kudos to the wonderful people in my life who hath manifested great changes.
adieu for now,
*today's pics: top o' the mornin' o' movin' to ya! and a surprise visit from a little buttercup named piper. mwah!

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