Sunday, March 21, 2010

the space between sleep & awake

no beach or long walks in the woods for ole lulu today. it has been a rainy, wonderfully dreary day today. that sounds weird, i know. but, i'm really enjoying the dark sky and drizzly weather. it makes me feel totally justified in being under the covers watching old saturday night live episodes. i did get out for a bit to have coffee with a friend's mother this morning. that was really enjoyable but i'm glad to be home, relaxing.
i know i need to get some cleaning done at the chateau and i'm sure that i will. but for this brief moment, i am reveling in my slothfulness; thinking about all kinds of things, and hoping tomorrow morning takes its time arriving. this quiet is nice.
adieu for now,

p.s. picture to come, i literally am too lazy to get out of bed and get the camera out of my purse to download pictures. don't judge.

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