Wednesday, March 3, 2010

guten tag

good morning friends! i officially have about five minutes to write about what's rattling around in this noggin of mine before i have to dash out the door for my new extended commute to work (which really isn't that bad, but it does make me have to snap to it in the mornings instead of lazing about).

i have a truly mad-dash of a week coming up. with my friends leaving town there are going-aways slated, last minute cocktail hours, dinners upon dinners, and last-ditch attempts for down time to really get some good visitin' in. *sigh* by mid-march i will have nothing to do but sit and stare at my belly button. ha! we all know that's not true, but still. suddenly, the carnival ride will screech to a halt and i'll be sitting there weeble wobbling and nauseous from all the carni food.

today i am heading off to the shop after taking some days off to get the chateau in order. it's coming together but i do keep getting overwhelmed and totally forgot to run one of the most important errands i HAD to get done yesterday. oh well, i will try to get up early and do that tomorrow.

life is sweet today. i have gorgeous morning light pouring into the room and a rapidly ticking clock that says "go to work!"

adieu for now,

*today's pic: beautiful flowers in my new "office" at the chateau.

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