Thursday, March 11, 2010

more than a feeling!

breathe easy kids. i'm doing much better today. a good visit with my roomie, a much-needed indian food/fermentation lounge dinner date with my gal pal, and sweet messages from my mama and dapper gentleman twin and i'm on the road to less self-pity and more fun. i had a great night catching up with my gal pal. we miss each other a lot but don't want to bother each other because we both know one another is busy (and yes i realize how silly we sound) then we go through withdrawals and then well, you saw what happens to me.

we chatted, laughed, mmmmmm'd over amazing food, gossiped a little, planned my next visit to see her, then met up with some friends at one of those hilarious pool hall bars. there we proceeded to laugh more and talk seinfeld and new york and generally be merry. i'm so glad i got some great time with her last night. she's my uber-bud. my heart feels better now that i got a night like that with her.

today in tally it is rainy rainy rainy. i woke up to that delightful "too late in the morning to be this dark" feeling and heard the drops plink-plunking on the roof. it makes me smile. i must procure some tomato soup at some point today.

little bud is at his dad's house still and i can't help but giggle a little knowing he's inevitably going to be covered in mud today. heh. i forgot to mention that i gave him a haircut the other day. poor thing. looks like he got hit with a weed-whacker. i can't wait to snuggle with him again on sunday.
this is me today. not much going on since yesterday but i'm still here and happily so.
adieu for now,
a slightly less emotionally unstable lu.
*today's pic: the view behind my desk. dark rainy thursday morning. aren't my new blinds fabulous?

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