Saturday, March 27, 2010

springtime weekend romp du jour, the morning edition.

hello, beautiful saturday!! i woke up a half dozen times this morning thinking i was running late for work. oi. needless to say, i have been up and about for two and half hours, have consumed frightening quantities of coffee, have had a lot of laughs and great conversation with the roomie; and now i'm sitting on my bed looking at the sun pouring in through my windows and wondering what the next step in my luxurious day off will entail.
after a slightly bizarre encounter last evening; and one of the weirdest, most epic dreams last night i am in kind of a funny place. a little wonky and kind of needing a hug but i'm cool. it's a perfect weekend for some thought-filled quiet. i have been kind of wanting to disappear lately. if only i could do that thing that endorra did on bewitched when she'd disappear. make a dramatic gesture and a column of smoke would appear, a groovy little sound would resonate and i'd be gone.
top picture: looking out my window and daydreaming.
bottom picture: the blowfish hanging from the ceiling of the tiki bar i tend to frequent on the weekends.

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