Monday, March 8, 2010

same ole lu

happy monday. ironic? perhaps. today is yet another exquisite pre-spring tallahassee day (we're starting to get spoiled methinks). i am on my lunch break and looking around the chateau, trying to figure out what i will tackle first once my time is "freed up" this sunday. it's been a hectic week emotionally and socially. this week is no different. i wouldn't trade it for anything but i do have to say i am flat out exhausted and trying not to be as terribly sad as i feel. i am soaking up every single moment i can with every single person i can before i am hermited away in the chateau de solitude.

i will get to spend a couple of days straight with my gal pal before she hits the bricks and i am really glad for that. a few days of just giggling and helping her do whatever she may need. then, of course, there will be the requisite cocktail going-away party the night before she leaves. i'm stoked it's going to be a fun vibe instead of a sad vibe. every time i get one of our silly mid-day text messages from her, i get a little blue; which is silly because we will be doing the exact same thing when she's up in new york. i'm just sentimental. *sigh*

i reckon, i should head back to work. summary: gorgeous day, stubbourn sadness, even more stubbourn-optimism. love to all!



*beautiful flowers from a beautiful person.

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Susanne said...

gorgeous pic Lu ! I am so proud of you honey , you are such a relational person and you make everyone around you feel special. Yoda would be so proud ! xxxooo